Rich Internet Applications

A rich Internet application (RIA) is a Web application designed to deliver the same features and functions normally associated with deskop applications. RIAs generally split the processing across the Internet/network divide by locating the user interface and related activity and capability on the client side, and the data manipulation and operation on the application server side.

Providing an unparalleled interactive web experience, Rich Internet Application provided by IT Comrade enable businesses to improve productivity, utilize advanced communication systems, and provides a higher level of service to customers. RIA development process at IT Comrade embraces best business- and systems- analytics, design, development and delivery practices.

IT Comrade specializes in rich internet applications development using the most powerful and well established technologies:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Adobe Flex
  • Adobe AIR (Adobe Integration Runtime)
  • Adobe Flash
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Java FX platforms

IT Comrade delivers the following RIA development:

  • Cloud based SaaS applications
  • Software applications
  • Document Management
  • Content Management System s
  • Custom RIA applications
  • Re-engineering of complex applications to RIA