IT Comrade Solutions

ITC strives to offer flexible, scalable and above all, practical solutions for organizing and managing information. ITC is committed to provide clients with appropriate options for their needs, taking into account their budget, technical expertise and requirements.

  • Business Intelligence: IT Comrade professionally develops and implements business intelligence to help  your business succeed in global competition through increased productivity, enhanced marketing efforts and business processes optimization.
  • Software as a Service: Software as a Service, popularly known as SaaS, is one of the most dynamic software development models that necessarily provides software services on demand. IT Comrade has extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing SaaS application solutions. 
  • Rich Internet Applications: Providing an unparalleled interactive web experience, Rich Internet Application provided by IT Comrade enable businesses to improve productivity, utilize advanced communication systems, and provides a higher level of service to customers. RIA development process at IT Comrade embraces best business- and systems- analytics, design, development and delivery practices.
  • Data Management: IT Comrade data management services will work with your organization to manage data across its entire lifecycle-data availability, accuracy, complete and secure accessibility across the enterprise and partners.